Monday, February 25, 2008

Mia waves "hi"

Fun at the Cabin

Here we are up at the Cabin in January. We were lucky enough to stay overnight and got snowed in! It snowed 2 feet that night and was just beautiful. The kids loved it, and we're always so excited to be up at the Cabin, and Aidan gets excited for Hot Chocolate. That Saturday Casey and I got to try snow-shoeing for the first time. I loved it, and hope to go again soon!

Sad News

My friend and co-worker Jodi had a 25 week old beautiful baby girl Aimee, on December 30th. We were lucky enough to see little Aimee at work some days, and she loved being held by her mom. She was a strong and brave little angel, who sadly left us last Monday. The viewing was beautiful, and Jodi and Dan both showed such strength and love. My prayers and thoughts go out to them during this difficult time.


Wow, told you I'd be bad at this. Well, I was able to go to Chicago this month...the one place colder than where I live for a Nutrition Conference "ASPEN". I thought I new cold, but -26, was a little more bone chilling than I had expected. Chicago was a beautiful city, and very large...but it sadly didn't end up being my dream vacation/rejuvenation session that I was hoping for. I think my expectations all around were just too high. I went with my friend Jasmine Jew from Cali, and we were able to sight-see 1 day, but sadly found out that everything opened at 10 and closed at 7, which was when the conference was in full force. We did see an amazing Aquarium that I wish I could have shown my kids, it took you around the world showing you the fish and sea/ocean/river life from each area. We also went to the Field Museum which was quite overwhelming, but very neat as well. We did manage to eat some Chicago Deep Dish pizza which was really good. We tried to find a famous hot dog stand, but sadly I think it was too cold for them as well. We enjoyed the shopping on Michigan Avenue and the yummy popcorn store, Garretts. My conference was informative, and got better as it went, so I'm excited to use some new information at work. It was hard to be away from my kids for that long, at least they were happy to see me when I got home. :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Aidan, Jeran , Joey and Hailee at the Zoo

Joey, Aidan and Jeran
Mia with walker

Aidan Surgery Update

For those wanting an update on Aidan's status here we go. Aidan had surgery November 7, 2007. We were in Primary Children's for just about 2 weeks, but made it home in time for Thanksgiving. Aidan loved it at PCMC, and is always excited to go back (maybe they made it too nice?! :)) His therapists were wonderful and he's improved faster than we ever could have expected. We were lucky enough to have our fun cousins come from Colorado to visit while Aidan was in the hospital and stay for Thanksgiving. Aidan had a blast with them, and even got to go to the ZOO on his first day trip out of the hospital. He left the hospital with a walker, but was walking very soon on his own. I had a fun time having both kids learn to walk at the same time (Mia also enjoyed learning to walk with a walker). He continues to have PT once a week and we do a lot of exercises @ home. At his follow-up visit the doctors made us feel like Aidan is the poster child for this surgery. He's been so quick to gain back function.
The exciting new news, is that Aidan ran for the first time last week. It's taken awhile, but he's sure excited to be back at it, and he's no longer a toe runner. He amazes us at his always positive attitude about his whole experience. He has not questioned anything, but has just taken what he is given and made the best of it. We have learned a lot from him.

The Unlucky One- A whiny moment

This would be me. It's really quite amazing how unlucky a person can be, and how much I want to laugh because it's funny, but how I also want to cry because it's the sad truth. The latest story took place last night. I went to a Lia Sophia Jewelry party with my friend Kristel. She's nice enough to drag me out of the house and get me some social interaction every now and then. Unfortunately for her, as her neighbor I'm greatly retarded in many aspects of being crafty, girly and having taste (she is slowly learning that I wasn't lying, it is the truth). Well this party was for the Hosts, so it was a party where they love to give away merchandise, and basically it's made so that everyone will leave with something. First off, the first 20 people there get a sticker (which I learn later means..."free stuff"), but I'm confused because I don't get a sticker due to the fact that I'm person #21. A bit later I go to the bathroom, when I return every one's holding beautiful stuff, wow...what happened? Oh, 1-20 got their prizes. Next there's a raffle, where they give out many fun prizes. I'm sitting on a row where one lady (RaDawn, I love you) gets hmmm, 4-5 things from the raffle. I just hang my head, because really it's quite embarrassing. In the end, there is a little bit of pity from a girl who doesn't want her prize. I get to choose a $100 item and only pay $15. Thanks!! Needless to say, I'm over it. It was a fun night out regardless, I'm just cursed to be the unlucky one. Thanks Kristel!

The Daily Happenings

All right. While starting this blog I must mention what has happened upstairs. My daughter climbed up on a table and then into her high chair....I think she was hungry (and gratefully she didn't fall and hurt herself).
On to the next subject: When do they learn to clean themselves?
I can't believe that as a parent I'm actually complaining about Aidan wanting to be clean, but at times it gets to be a little much. He can't stand to have crumbs on his hands, and hasn't quite learned that he is capable to clean them himself, so I feel like I'm constantly wiping and cleaning up all sorts of messes...which I know, is just part of the job, :)

Brother and Sister

I believe this is officially the first photo of my kids where they actually look like they like each other! It only took over a year...we're so greatful for these rare special moments, and that I actually got one recorded in history.

Miracles do happen!

Can it be? Kristen actually starting a blog? I'm not really believing it myself quite yet, we'll see if I make it through the process. This is just step one, of I'm sure hold on, take a breath and maybe it will magically appear. :)