Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome Elizabeth Angel

Here is our new friend Elizabeth Angel! Our great friends the Petersons were able to adopt this beautiful 4 year old just 2 weeks ago. She is bright, loving, full of energy and such a fun new friend to have. Kristel, Dustin and Kyson are so excited to have added to their family, and we've loved being part of the experience.

Aidan's B-day/1st day of school/Mia's B-day

Aidan had a fabulous birthday. As you can see, he's loving the superhero's these days and got wolverine claws that make loud noises and emerge from his fists (scary, but the boys think it's great - Casey has also had a great time this summer making weapons with Aidan including sling shots and blow darts **Warning**these things are dangerous, and my husband should not be trusted as he is a little kid himself)..... :)
Aidan started Kindergarten at Spanish Oaks Elementary and has Miss Thacker for his teacher. She is fabulous. He loves going to school and comes home and sings song/telling stories that he learns, which I love!
My Mia turned 4 this October...I wasn't ready for that, but sadly it had to happen. We got to go to Build a Bear, which was AMAZING (basically a Disneyland experience for stuffed animals) - and if you know my Mia, you know she was in Heaven. This is her puppy "Love", and they've been in love ever since.

Denver Trip/Aidan's first tooth

Casey's sister Loralee got married to Levi in August. Our family made the trip out to Denver for the wedding and reception. We had a great time, and my sister Mary came out with us to help and to see the King Tut exhibit. The boy cousins (Jeran, Brandon, Joey, Aidan and Tyler) enjoyed each other and there were definitely lots of kids to run around and play with. We were so happy to see family, even though it was a short trip. Aidan also lost his first and second tooth this summer - and was very proud to show off his "window".

Summer continued....

We enjoyed fun with the family, having BBQ (s), playing at the cabin and at local parks...just being outside. We found out that make-up and 4 yr olds (thanks so much mike and tammy) were not the best mix in our case. My favorite kiddos zoned out in their get-up masks in the car, and my very sad little Tessa with Mia and Aidan (who look very unsympathetic to her suffering) in our bed.

Summer Happenings - quick update

We had a great summer. Casey was off of work and was able to have a great time with the kids and help me recooperate. One of the favorite activities was "pretending" to fish out on the tramp. The kids (including neighbor Kyson) got a kick out of it. We had a fun 4th of July and spent it with our neighbors the Petersons up in Lehi/Traverse Mtn area at a neighborhood party. We went up to the reservoir and enjoyed the sun (although...waaaay to hot for me), and we also found our kids on the tramp indecently unclothed for all to see :)

Excited siblings - New arrival

Tessa had lots of excited family and friends that came and welcomed her into our family. I was out of it the first day or so (sorry for those who got to see that side of me...), but I got lucky and was treated with visits from my sister Mary and brother Royden quite a bit while I was in the hospital recovering.

Tessa Elise Johnson- Born June 3rd 2010

We are lucky to have Tessa in our family. She's an amazing baby, full of smiles and giggles. She arrived via c-section June 3rd and weighed in @ 7 lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long. Here are some pictures of her at about 1 month. How fast they grow!!