Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter at the Cabin

We've had so much fun at the cabin this winter. The kids have been sledding and, attempted to make a few snowmen. We've loved the beauty of winter and all the snow. We're grateful that we get to use the cabin as frequently as we do. Aidan and Mia are also so lucky to have Grandparents who will play in the snow with them. Thanks mom and dad!

We also love having friends up at the cabin. Mike, Tammy, Victoria and Henry were able to come up for an evening, and the kids had fun going up and down the stairs.

Valentines Cookie Making

We had our cousins Miriam and Ellie over to make Valentines cookies with Grandma. Everyone got an apron, rolling pin and cookie cutters. It was a blast. They loved the eating part best I think, and for next year, I think I'll be hiding the tiny cookie cutters, as I found out that frosting them (all) is quite the messy adventure. Hope you had a great V-day.

Ballroom Reunion

Somehow I got in charge of organizing a Ballroom Reunion this year. We were excited to see those who made it. These are 3 of my favorite people. Ryan, Mia and Ali. It was great to reconnect with them, and made us all a little sad that we aren't dancing like we used to be. Ali is expecting her first and looking so darn cute. Good luck Ali!

Circus 2009

I don't know if you've been to the circus. I have vague impressions that I went once as a child, but no real memories, so this was a new experience for most of us. We were excited to go with our friends Anne and Lauren and our Grandma Shurtz, Aunt Alyson and cousins Miriam and Ellie. We got good seats, and we got to watch lucky spectators take rides on Elephants and Pony's (until we're in a different pay bracket, we will continue to be spectators!). The circus was fun, although once animals were off the floor, Mia was no longer interested. They did amazingly well and I think enjoyed the experience overall (a bit too long in my book!)- not something we'll do frequently, but a nice memory.

The Dinosaur Museam-Thanksgiving Point

We had a very fun January! We got to go to Thanksgiving Point (one of our favorite places) with Grandma Shurtz to see the Dinosaur Museam. We love to see the dinosaurs, and appreciate all the fun activities to keep us occupied. Aidan was sad that we weren't able to see a movie this time, but hopefully soon!

The Zoo in January

We were lucky enough to hit the Zoo in January....something I've never done before. It was free Zoo day, and our neighbors invited us that morning, so we packed a quick lunch and headed out the door. It was scary weather on the drive up, and we were worried it might become a wasted trip, but once we got there the snow calmed down and it was quite beautiful. The kids had a blast getting out and running, and surprisingly, I think the animals were more awake and active than they often are in the summer. We're looking forward to the next free Zoo day, anyone interested?