Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mia being her favorite animal

Mia in a fun moment of dance and acting, unfortunately with Aidan's toy noises in the background. Mia's favorite animal is the Elephant. She enjoys stomping and swinging her trunk.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cabin Vacation

Justin/Cassie and family were able to come and play with us @ my parents Cabin. We were able to stay up for 4 days, and loved the relaxing, book reading, hiking and movie watching. It was a nice surprise, since we probably won't get to do much more since gas prices are so high!! Here we are roasting some marshmallows. Yum

Aidan Turns 4!

Happy Birthday Aidan! What a fun, crazy summer it's been. We've had so much fun celebrating with friends and family. Aidan now has plenty of guns to scare off the bad monsters, a jet, army guys and a fun guitar, (that I think the Dad's have even more fun with). Hope your July has been great!

Kristel and Dustin are Sealed!

Yea, Horray! It was a beautiful day for my beautiful friend to be sealed to her wonderful hubby. We were lucky enough to be a part of their sealing and are very happy for them. Love you Kristel.

Swimming Lessons 2008

Aidan learned lots at his first go @ swim lessons. He loved blowing bubbles and going underwater for snakes!

Wild Hogs 2008

Casey and the Koosharem/Richfield gang headed out 4 wheeling (2nd Annual PARTY). The boys had a blast being out in the brush with nature. I'm hoping that maybe some year I'll be invited to go 4 wheeling, but Cassie and I stayed in Richfield with all the kids and tried to fit a little fun in too.

Aidan's preschool graduation was a lot of fun. Aidan loved to sing the songs and was great at participating! We sure will miss Miss Rachael. She was the best!

Bug Catching

Mia's always looking to play with some bugs on our outings. I liked this video, because I thought it showed the most of her personality, and it's many emotions. :)


Mia love doritos! This is Mia post-piggytail, having a yummy snack. In our house they're called Messy Chips, for a good reason! Sure is fun to watch though.