Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Card

In case you missed it (I need your address!). Here was our christmas card that we sent out. Thanks to all of you who kept us on your mailing lists. We love to see you and get updated on your lives!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Snow Cave

Casey was great to help the kids dig a snow cave this year, which has been the fun new hut in the snow. We can't get Mia to quit eating the snow however. We do continue to try to encourage only the purest and "cleanest" snow...but in reality it's a loss.

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning was a blast. The kids are at the perfect age for Santa and really getting into the whole experience....and they're still young enough to sleep in, so we've got the best of both worlds. Mia here is very excited about her new "Cheetah", and in the background you can see Aidan trying out his new scooter. Aidan got 2 guns, which is convenient so that Mia can play guns with him. Aidan was also excited about his new racetrack.

Nativity with the Shurtz's

We met with my family on Christmas Eve for the Nativity and to open presents. Miriam was Mary, Aidan-Joseph, Ellie a shepherd, Mia an Angel, and Alan and Casey were wisemen. They did very well, although I think they were each in their own little world a lot of the time.

Mary was a hit that night giving the kids "precious" hat/glove/scarf sets....AND a play phone which the kids couldn't get enough of. Thanks Mary!

Sledding in the Driveway

After one of our bigger snow storms, we attempted sledding right at home...and what a success! The kids loved it, we didn't have to climb and tow the kids up crazy huge hills...I think I like this form of sledding the best.

Richfield Light Parade

Well, it is now a tradition to have snow @ the light parade when the Johnson's are there. We have previously gone to Richfield to cut down a Christmas Tree with our friends. This year we didn't get down in time for a tree, but still enjoyed the parade although this year was much colder, and I think shorter as a result. The kids loved eating donuts and drinking hot cocoa. Mia, just tried to stay warm. :)


Aidan and Mia with Santa this year, were much improved from year's past. Mia was still very hesitant, and I'm quite shocked got this close....but after watching Aidan had the courage to take a picture (no talking of course, it was run straight back to Mom).

Gingerbread Houses 2008

We were able to continue the tradition of making Gingerbread Houses with cousins Miriam and Ellie. Mia enjoyed stuffing as much candy in her mouth as physically possible and Casey did a great job of creating a beautiful House which Aidan enjoyed helping decorate.