Monday, September 29, 2008

The Grotto

The Colors

Saturday we were lucky enough not to have plans and were able to go up the Canyon to enjoy the beautiful colors. We took some pictures of our friends, enjoyed some scenic views, and took a hike to the Grotto. A perfect hike for little kids. It contains several log bridges over the stream that they find fascinating. We had to take some pics of the kids, as they're growing up way too fast for us. They're in such a fun stage that we'd love them to stay in for awhile. But, I'm sure that more will come....right?

Cute Sayings

My kids say lots of cute things, and I need to write them down more often so that I remember them. Here are a few from today.

Aidan is asked what else he wants for breakfast "I only eat chocolate mommy," Dad had given him a granola bar earlier (with chocolate in it).

Our favorite "Aidan talk" is during the prayer when he says "Bedankdee"- We thank thee

Aidan's ALL-TIME constant, favorite thing to do is tell us what we're going to be. "Mommy, how bout you can be Nala's mommy, I can be Simba, Daddy can be Mufasa and Mia can be Nala". Within 10 minutes, our roles are changing to car colors, dinosaurs, The Incredibles etc.

Mia's favorite Movie is also Lion King, which she calls TATA for Hakunna Matata. This goes for any of the figurines, the book etc.

And after pulling up into the garage, Mia announces our arrival with "WAHOME".

Casey and I look forward to coming home, for Mia's welome. She runs to us with open arms, screaming either Yay Mommy, or Yay Daddy.

During Aidan's nap one day Ali and Randy brought by a slide/playground set from Aunt Carolyn for our backyard. When Aidan woke up and looked outside, he asked.." How did that grow there daddy? With lots of rain, sunshine, and love?"