Thursday, November 4, 2010

Aidan's B-day/1st day of school/Mia's B-day

Aidan had a fabulous birthday. As you can see, he's loving the superhero's these days and got wolverine claws that make loud noises and emerge from his fists (scary, but the boys think it's great - Casey has also had a great time this summer making weapons with Aidan including sling shots and blow darts **Warning**these things are dangerous, and my husband should not be trusted as he is a little kid himself)..... :)
Aidan started Kindergarten at Spanish Oaks Elementary and has Miss Thacker for his teacher. She is fabulous. He loves going to school and comes home and sings song/telling stories that he learns, which I love!
My Mia turned 4 this October...I wasn't ready for that, but sadly it had to happen. We got to go to Build a Bear, which was AMAZING (basically a Disneyland experience for stuffed animals) - and if you know my Mia, you know she was in Heaven. This is her puppy "Love", and they've been in love ever since.

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Mary said...

That's not entirely fair, Kristen, I think Casey is remarkably responsible, considering he's a reincarnation of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. :)